S.F. plans for
Harvey Milk sculpture

Twenty-five years
after openly gay San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk was
first sworn in to office, city officials and Milk's friends
have launched a fund-raising drive to pay for a bust of the
man, who was assassinated less than a year after he took
office, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. "Harvey
Milk is a symbol of modern politics and a symbol of what
people can do when they decided to take a different,
nontraditional course to make a change from within
government," said San Francisco sheriff Mike Hennessey.
The planned bust of Milk will be placed in city hall.
Board president Matt Gonzalez, who is leading the
fund-raising effort, said that between $50,000 and $100,000
needs to be raised. Once the money is available, he said,
the city's Arts Commission will pick a sculptor to create
the piece.
"This is an overdue and fitting way to remember the
painful loss of a seminal gay leader and ensure his legacy
is not forgotten," said supervisor Tom Ammiano, one of seven
openly gay or lesbian politicians who were elected to the
board of supervisors after Milk. Donations to the fund
should be sent to: Harvey Milk City Hall Memorial Fund,
Office of the Controller, City Hall, Room 300, No. 1, Dr.
Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102.

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