Presidential candidate Kerry opposes gay marriage

During an interview with The Washington Post this week, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts described his position on the increasingly debated issue of gay marriage this way: "I do not support [gay]'s just a personal belief about what the relationship of marriage is and how it works, but I'm in favor of civil unions. I've supported all forms of partnership union. I think gays should have all of the rights of ownership, of partnership, of visitation in hospitals, of inheritance, and so forth. I think that's entirely within the civil structure of our country and that is appropriate... Marriage is an institution between men and women for the purpose of having children and procreating. That's my belief, and some people may not like it. I've been willing to take my lumps on everything that I think enhances people's rights and gives people equality, but I think there is something special about the institution of marriage--the oldest institution in the world."

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