Massachusetts governor blasts Kerry over same-sex marriage

The governor of the state represented in the U.S. Senate by Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry criticized the candidate Sunday on his stance regarding proposed constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage. "He's said he supports the Massachusetts constitutional amendment, which would limit marriage to a man and a woman, but he's against a federal constitution amendment to do the same thing," Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, said on CNN's Late Edition. "So the fact that he's not willing to be decisive and to be seen as taking a position on key issues is something, I think, that'll harm him down the home stretch."

Kerry's campaign responded by saying the senator has been clear in his belief that states, not the Congress, should have the final say on gay marriage. "Senator Kerry believes marriage is decided by the states," spokesman Michael Meehan said. "President Bush and Governor Romney are playing politics. I don't see anyone proposing a constitutional amendment for health care for everyone. I don't see anyone proposing a constitutional amendment to replace the 3 million jobs that have been lost [under Bush's presidency]."

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