Details magazine article "Gay or Asian?" angers activists

Asian Pacific Islanders for Human Rights protested an event held by Details magazine and DKNY on April 2 in response to what the group considers a racist, homophobic article that ran in the April issue of the magazine. "Gay or Asian?" provoked an immediate response from activists representing the Asian Pacific Islander and gay communities.

Details editor in chief Daniel Peres has stated that the magazine will print a response in the May issue "to the overwhelming amount of calls and letters the magazine has received on the offensive nature of this satirical editorial," according to the Asian American Journalists Association.

However, APIHR is not satisfied with an apology and has requested further action from the magazine. "I demand that Details meet with the API LGBT community to discuss an appropriate solution to this issue and that Details staff and writers go through API and LGBT sensitivity trainings so they have a better understanding of how not to offend our communities and perpetuate detrimental stereotypes," said Patrick Mangto, executive director of APIHR. "Eurocentric America wrongly perceives APIs as atypical, inferior, and feminine, a stereotype among the many associated with APIs that I urge Details to help us break."

The protest, staged at the Details/DKNY event at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, shows the continuing outrage over the racism and homophobia in the article. APIHR has stated that the group will continue protesting unless Details meets the demands of the API LGBT community.

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