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Four Equality
Riders arrested in Georgia

Four gay rights
youth activists were arrested Monday for walking
onto a Christian college campus and attempting to
engage in dialogue with students. Soulforce's
eastbound bus—one of two that make up its
Equality Ride 2 mission, which is to travel to Christian
colleges across the country that have policies
silencing or excluding gay students—visited
Covenant College in Georgia, where Jarrett Lucas, Rachel
Loskill, Adam Britt, and Bronwen Tomb were arrested and
spent a night in jail. Bail has been set at $1,000

The goal of the
group's trip to campus was to request that the
administration create an "environment that reflects the
wideness of God's grace and diversity of the body of
Christ," according to a press release from Soulforce,
which sponsors the Equality Ride.

Katie Higgins,
the codirector of the eastbound bus, said in the press
release that the group's persistence will not wane.

"For every
administrator who blocks our dialogue, we have countless
students who earnestly want and need to hear an affirming
perspective," she said. "On this route, we have faced many
campus property lines that are heavily guarded by
police. Yet each time, our message of inclusion
remains strong and our convictions relentless."
(The Advocate)

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