Tipper Gore, L.A.
Gay and Lesbian Center Dinner Focus on No on 8

The mood at this
year’s Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s
anniversary dinner was clearly focused: Do
whatever it takes to defeat California's Proposition 8
at the polls.

All eyes are on
California this election season as LGBTs look to
California to lead the way for other states by defeating
Prop. 8, which would define marriage in the state's
constitution as being between a man and a woman. This
year’s gala dinner, celebrating the center’s
37th year, shined the spotlight on continuing efforts
to preserve same-sex marriage, which the California
supreme court legalized in May.

One of the
speakers at this year’s gala, Tipper Gore -- wife of
Al Gore, former vice president and the would-be
president in 2000 -- said she and her husband stand
with the gay community in defeating Prop. 8.

“The Gore
family is a part of your family right now,” Tipper
Gore said while addressing a packed ballroom at
Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles's Century City
district. She was also on hand to present
furniture designers Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams with the
Corporate Vision Award.

Gore spoke of her
son’s generation, which she said is vocal about
defeating Prop. 8. “This is a struggle that must be
won,” she said.

wasn’t the only speaker to speak about defeating
the ballot measure. The Gay and Lesbian Center's CEO,
Lorri Jean, said defeating Prop. 8 was the most
important moment in the gay civil rights movement.

evening’s host, Ellen and 'Til Death
star Joely Fisher, said she supports the gay community
and will vote no on 8, though she joked about
wondering why gays and lesbians would want to be married.

“You’ll fight over who left the toilet seat
up,” she cracked. “I don’t know
how, but you will.”

The gala raised
money for the LAGLC’s extensive slate of programs,
including support for LGBT youths, HIV testing, and outreach
to gay senior citizens. Gus Van Sant, the gay director
of Good Will Hunting and the forthcoming biopic
Milk, was presented with the center’s Board of
Directors Award. (Ross von Metzke, The

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