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Tom Ford: Gay Designers Are Superior 

Tom Ford: Gay Designers Are Superior 

Never one to give a boring interview, Tom Ford recently explained to Interview magazine why gay men are superior in the world of high fashion.

"I think I detach the physical from the spiritual. It’s my business to
make a woman or a man beautiful, and I’m working with a model in a
fitting, and I’ve objectified them to the point that they become an
object," Ford told artist John Currin, whose wife, Rachel Feinstein, recently modeled in an intimate show of Tom Ford's return to women's wear design. 

"They’re something that I’m modeling or shaping or sculpting, but I’m
very aware that even though I make them physically beautiful, their
soul and personality and character is somewhat detached from that," Ford said. "It’s
great when you have a combination of the two — that’s what makes a true
beauty. Some people are physically beautiful but yet they’re completely
uninteresting, and thus they’re not beautiful. I detach the two. ... That’s why I think gay men make better designers."

Read the interview here

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