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David Frost Interviews Pres. Candidate Fred Karger

David Frost Interviews Pres. Candidate Fred Karger

GOP presidential hopeful Fred Karger is running as an "independent
Republican" who is trying to recapture a sense of optimism in politics,
the gay candidate told legendary journalist David Frost in a
Monday interview for Al Jazeera English.

"In certain circles it gets me a seat at the table, being the first openly gay candidate for president of the United States in history," Karger said. "But I'm a lot more than that. I'm a moderate Republican trying to bring younger people in and have an effect on the Republican Party."

Asked about Sarah Palin, who has not yet announced her candidacy but whose "One Nation" bus tour has diverted press attention in recent days from official candidates including former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Karger said, "I love her spirit. She's someone who will excite this campaign. ... As I say, it's a mediocre field of Republicans. I would welcome her."

Watch the video below (Frost's segment with Karger begins at the 17-minute mark).

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