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WATCH: Gays Should 'Keep It Private,' Says Right-Wing Commentator

WATCH: Gays Should 'Keep It Private,' Says Right-Wing Commentator


Appearing at the Values Voter Summit, conservative columnist Star Parker also claimed gays are 'bringing hostility into the public square.'

The antigay rants have kept coming this weekend at the Values Voter Summit, with columnist Star Parker's opening Saturday's session with remarks that included "homosexuality is now dividing us and bringing hostility into the public square" and advice to gays to "keep it private."

At the annual gathering of right-wing activists, she also said the left has "declared a war on marriage which weakened women and opened a door to this new culture of meaninglessness." And she added that since "all sexual behavior is adult behavior," gay people should "keep it private."

The New Civil Rights Movement has a spot-on takedown of the last statement: "Should heterosexuals keep their lives 'private' too? That means no hand-holding or kissing in public -- even on the cheek. No photos of your spouse or family on your desk at work. No wedding rings for anyone. No engagement or wedding announcements in the paper. No water cooler talk about what you and your date/husband/wife/partner/significant other did over the weekend. No inviting work friends or neighbors to your home for a baby shower."

Watch video of some of Parker's choice remarks below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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