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Senator Debbie Stabenow Says Equality Act Could Be a Reality


Democrat Debbie Stabenow, a fixture of the U.S. Senate for two decades, recently filmed a video asking Michiganders to lobby their represenatives for passage of the Equality Act.

The Equality Act — passed by the House last year and gathering dust in the GOP-controlled Senate — would go further than June's SCOTUS decision banning anti-LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination. The legislation would ban anti-LGBT+ bias in housing, banking, jury service, and public accomodations; advances that would benefit all queer Americans, but especially those in red states.

This summer, Stabenow met on Zoom with the heads of four LGBTQ+ centers in Michigan and Reverand Dr. Roland Stringfellow to discuss passage of the Equality Act. While a law like the Equality Act is DOA with Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump in power, it could become reality if Democrats win back the Senate and White House.

"You can count on me to keep pushing until we get this done," says the senator.

Watch Stabenow's encouraging words in the video, produced by the group Freedom for all Americans, below.

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