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GOP Oklahoma Governor: Biden Caused Chick-fil-A Sauce Shortage


What does Oklahoma's Republican governor think is one of his state's biggest problems is? A sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A.

Gov. Kevin Stitt recently sent out a fundraising email referencing the chicken chain's sauce problems, which the anti-LGBTQ+ company officially chalked up to "industry-wide chain disruptions." Chick-fil-A management reportedly advised employees to only give customers one sauce packet per food item ordered.

Stitt blames President Biden for the sauce catastrophe as well as rising gas prices, which actually followed a ransomware attack on an oil pipeline.

Stitt then makes an awkward segue to Biden's supposed liberal agenda.

"Joe Biden's policies have REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES he doesn't seem to tuned to [sic]," the fundraising missive reads. "He's more concerned about appeasing the woke liberals with his out of touch, radical, socialist agenda. ... Well, here in Oklahoma, we're fighting back against his out-of-touch agenda and standing up for everyday Americans. We're a Second Amendment Sanctuary State, fighting back against PETA's vegan agenda, and are reopened for business."

Stitt, by the way, is most famous nationally for eating out at restaurants maskless during the middle of the COVID pandemic and banning the teaching of critical race theory and critical gender theory in Oklahoma's schools.

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