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Her "Milkshake" brought us all to the dance floor, but there's more to Kelis than that catchy 2003 jam. Since her 1999 debut she's collaborated with Bjork, P. Diddy, Moby, and Timo Maas--and married hip-hop superstar Nas. Her latest, Kelis Was Here, features the razor-sharp "Bossy." Tell it like it is, girl!

Your late father was a minister. How would he have felt about your sex symbol status? My father was very supportive of me as a musician, but any daddy is going to be a bit uptight with his little girl. I'd like to think he'd see that I'm a lady and I'm grown-up and I have a good time with what I do.

You covered the Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket" for the Just Like Heaven soundtrack. Were you big into '80s new wave? Because I grew up in the church, I had a gospel and jazz background. I started listening to the radio around 12 or 13, with the explosion of grunge. Then in '93 I began getting into rap.

The lyrics of "Bossy" are no-nonsense. Have you always felt in charge? My mom is a strong female, and that's how my sisters and I were raised: proud.

You're rocking a new Salt 'N' Pepa-inspired asymmetrical haircut. Did you wake up one morning screaming "Cut it all off!" or did you deliberate for ages? To be honest, I was ready two months ahead of time, and I had to wait--which was torment--because I knew the thing to do was cut it off in my video. When that day came, I was like, You guys better get this damn shot, because this is it.

Your new album title is a nod to classic graffiti. Have you ever vandalized anything? Totally. Back in the '90s we used to tag up everything. Even on my first European trip, I wrote "Kelis Was Here" everywhere, just in case I never came back.

In your blog you recently referred to a gay friend who helped with the album art as " 'one of the kids,' if u know what I mean." That's cool: "The kids" sounds more laid-back than "the children" or "legendary children." Yeah...of course, only one of "the kids" would actually catch that!

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