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GMA's Robin Roberts Is Most-Liked Morning News Personality

GMA's Robin Roberts Is Most-Liked Morning News Personality

The public has spoken, and ABC's newly out Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts is the most-liked personality in morning television.

The distinction was determined through a survey of 1,800 viewers to create "Q Scores," a ranking system that measures celebrities' likability, according to blog The Wrap. The scores are released annually and provide a gauge for networks on how various media personalities are received by the public.  The Q Scores website reports that the scores are the "industry standard for measuring consumer appeal of personalities."

Roberts, who came out in December in a Facebook post, waged a public battle with cancer last year, which resonated with viewers and became a major focus at GMA.

In the number 2 spot is out weather anchor Sam Champion, Roberts's former colleague at GMA, who departed the show in December to helm a new show at Weather Channel.

Good Morning America is the most-watched morning news program.

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