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Beyond Stonewall: 9 Lesser-Known LGBT Uprisings

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Council on Religion and the Homosexual Event: San Francisco

A group of progressive Christians, civil rights activists, and gay activists formed a group called Council on Religion and the Homosexual in 1964. In order to raise money for the new organization, the group scheduled a costume party for January 1, 1965, and dutifully informed the San Francisco Police Department of their intentions; the police attempted to force the owners of the rented hall to cancel the event. Although the police eventually agreed not to interfere with the dance, guests arrived to find cops snapping pictures of them as they entered in an attempt to intimidate them. When the police demanded to enter, the council’s lawyers informed them it was a private event and they were not allowed in without a ticket. This caused the police to arrest the lawyers, which helped incite a brief riot. Read more here.


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