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Coming Out in Print


Esera Tuaolo
Issue 877, November 26, 2002
The former tackle for Minnesota Viking became the third NFL player to come out publicly and said he was inspired partly by reading The David Kopay Story.

“I feel light as a feather, although I’m 350 pounds.”

Wong Adv Cover891x400

B.D. Wong
Issue 891, June 10, 2003
While rebounding
 from the death of one child and the life-threatening
illness of another, the accomplished Broadway and TV star came out publicly after writing Following Foo, a document of his struggle.

“Some days I think, You’re never going to work again. I think there’s real reason to worry, as anyone reading this magazine can understand. The book, for me, means I’m calling into question the whole career thing. But that’s OK. Part of what this book is about is letting the path go where it goes.”


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