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Queerest Cities in America 2015

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11. Spokane, Wash. Above: Centennial Trail
[ pop. 210,721 ]
Spokane residents only need to tune their radio to Queer Sounds on 92.3 FM ( on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to get an idea of just how queer their city is: The show promotes only LGBT artists. The city, which benefits from Washington’s trans-inclusive nondiscrimination law, is also home to an Eastern Washington University campus that welcomes the public to events like Gender Awareness Week. Groups that represent a small chunk of the queer goings-on here include the Pink Pistols, a book group at the Inland Northwest LGBT Center, a gay bowling league, and events like the Spokane LGBTQ Film Festival ( and OutSpokane (, which hosts an annual pride celebration.

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