Photos From the Ground:
Lobby Day, Sacramento

Photos From the Ground:
    Lobby Day, Sacramento

sacramento Lobby Day Gays Plucked x555 (Jay Lensch) |

On February 16 hundreds
of people gathered on the west steps of the California state
capitol in Sacramento for a rally and march hosted by Equality
Action Now, along with California Outreach, Marriage Equality
USA, Equality California, and many other grassroots

People gathered from
all over the state to show their support for the repeal of
Prop. 8, for the 18,000 couples already married, and for love
and equality in general. Even in the on-again, off-again
periods of rain that drenched Sacramento throughout the day and
legislators being stuck in lockdown due to the budget crisis,
support was strong.

The crowd was one
massive sea of rainbow clothing and accessories, signs reading
"'I DO' Support the Freedom to Marry," and placards with a
few other familiar slogans from rallies past.

Sacramento Lobby Day Allred x555 (Jay Lensch) | Advocate.comGloria Allred: These boots are made for kickin'.

Margaret Cho sang three
funny and, of course, vulgar songs. Wanda Sykes thanked
everyone for coming. Political allies offered updates and
encouragement. Gloria Allred did some high kicks in her boots
to show she could kick some ass if the anti-gay-marriage
measure Prop. 8 is not overturned. Robin Tyler got down to
business, with some sharp wit, in her speech. Two-time Grammy
winner Matt Alber announced he was single, said he didn't see
enough kissing going on, and then sang a song, all before later
returning to the stage to make out with Reverend Dr. Neil
Thomas after he announced he too was single. The Sacramento Gay
Men's Chorus performed
Prop. 8: The Musical.

And, in the end, the leaders of Equality Action Now announced
the opportunity to march around the capitol, after which the
rally came to a close.

The following day
Equality California hosted the largest LGBT lobby day in
California's history. Participants lobbied to show support for
the passage of resolutions authored by Sen. Mark Leno and
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and backed by Equality
California. The resolutions say that Prop. 8 -- and future
measures stripping rights from protected groups in California
-- are not valid constitutional revisions and would require
approval by two thirds of both senate and assembly members
before going to the voters.

the assembly, the judiciary committee passed the
resolution by a 7-3 vote. Now it goes to a vote by the full

sacramento Lobby Day Wanda x555 (Boo Jarchow) | Advocate.comWanda loves the crowd back.



Sacramento Lobby Day h8 Truck x555 (Jay Lensch) | Advocate.comPolice tell the pro-8 folks to move along.

sacramento Lobby Day Star Trek x555 (Boo Jarchow) | Advocate.comGeorge Takei and Brad Altman

Sacramento Lobby Day Kiss x555 (Jay Lensch) | Advocate.comGood time for a smooch



sacramento Lobby Day Pervert Sign x555 (Jay Lensch) | Advocate.comThe opposition

sacramento Lobby Day Close View x555 (Boo Jarchow) | Advocate.comWorking the crowd

sacramento Lobby Day Molly x555 (Jay Lensch) | Advocate.comMolly McKay in wedding white



sacramento Lobby Day Robin and EqualRoots x555 (Boo Jarchow) | Advocate.comFrom left: Matt Palazzolo, Robin Tyler, Christopher Smith,
Sara Pollaro, and Diane Olson

sacramento Lobby Day Selene x555 (Jay Lensch) | Advocate.comSelene Luna from
The Cho Show



sacramento Lobby Day Mandy x555 (Boo Jarchow) | Advocate.comMandy Steckelberg (right) sings.

Sacramento Lobby Day Crowd x555 (Jay Lensch) |

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