WATCH: PSA Campaign Raises Awareness of LGBT Injustice in Russia

WATCH: PSA Campaign Raises Awareness of LGBT Injustice in Russia

A new campaign is raising awareness of the injustices faced by LGBT people in Russia and other countries.

Titled the Fair Games Project, the initiative is raising funds for a public service announcement that will shine a spotlight on the bigotry of Russia’s so-called gay propaganda law and the political dangers faced by LGBT people worldwide.

The PSA, which will be promoted online throughout the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, will be funded by a recently launched Indiegogo campaign.

“There are 77 countries in the world where being gay remains a crime, in some cases punishable by forced labor, lifelong prison sentences, and even execution,” a statement on the site reads. “With your help, FGP aims to correct this injustice, and serve as a powerful rallying cry for global gay rights.”

The director and producer of the Fair Games Project is filmmaker Michael Rohrbaugh, who previously created a PSA alongside the nonprofit Moms Demand Action to raise awareness of gun violence in public schools. To contribute to the The Fair Games Project, visit the group’s Indiegogo page, and watch its message on worldwide LGBT rights below.

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