29 Great Gifts for Mother's Day

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A Cat That Talks Back
Is Mom a crazy cat lady? Or on the verge? Push her over or celebrate the quirk with the totally fun Party Animal Dancing Pet Speaker. You can choose from several different plush pals (Cleo here is my favorite, but the company also makes dancing pet speakers that look like dogs, bears, bunnies, and even a koala) that plug into your music device and literally dance to the beat. Works with almost all sources, from laptops and iPods to CD players and MP3 players. Even better? A portion of all proceeds goes to PAWS Chicago and PETA. Oh, and these Party Animals have personalities; Cleo’s profile says she loves Madonna and Lady Gaga as well as hiking and camping. Sounds like a lot of lesbian moms we know. DancingPartyAnimals.com

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Something New to Wear
Think funky, cute, and hip. The Toy Factory Dolls Boyfriend Jacket from QuirkBox is everything mom is not but you've wanted her to be. Trust me, it's wearable and she'll adore the subtle flourish of pink, which makes this better than blooms for a stylish MoDay gift. ($60.29, QuirkBoxed.com)

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Something for the House
Does mom still have that ratty recliner that has been in the family for four decades? Make her try something a little more fun with this limited edition Tokidoki Signapore Arm Chair that screams, "Keep the dog off the furniture." When she says it's too young and hip for her, take it to your own apartment, guilt-

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free. ($2,465, ClickForArt.com

A Tell It Like It Is Bag
This adorbs "Bite Me" Victorian Vixen canvas tassel clutch from Jessica Cushman can be used for makeup, a night out, or basically anywhere Mom wants to make a classy statement. (JessicaCushman.com, $20)


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