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Kate McKinnon Plays Sessions, Conway, Warren in One SNL Episode

Kate McKinnon

Saturday was a whirlwind night for Kate McKinnon.

In a feat of mimicry, the out actress portrayed three different political figures on Saturday Night Live — two members of the Trump administration as well as one of his most vocal critics.

McKinnon first appeared in the NBC sketch comedy show as Jeff Sessions, the newly confirmed attorney general. Sessions was introduced by Melissa McCarthy, who reprised her viral drag impersonation of Sean Spicer.

“We all know there are two kinds of crime: regular and black,” said McKinnon as Sessions, a reference to the politician's opposition by civil right leaders, who were critical of his record on minority rights.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was one of the voices opposed to Sessions. This week, the Democrat made headlines for being silenced after reading a letter from Coretta Scott King condemning the Republican politician. Flipping the political spectrum, McKinnon impersonated Warren, and her tough questioning of Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees, by grilling Weekend Update host Colin Jost.

"You only perform on a 10-minute segment entitled, I think I have it here, it’s called ‘Weekend Update’? And yet, you collect the same paycheck of a cast member who appears throughout the entire show?” McKinnon as Warren deadpanned, which was also a reference to the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

Finally, McKinnon slipped into a familiar role, that of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway. Continuing what may be a new pattern of recasting the White House advisor in fame-hungry Hollywood roles — previously, she performed a musical parody of "Roxy" from Chicago — McKinnon as Conway channeled an unhinged Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

In this pre-taped skit, Conway lay in wait for CNN's Jake Tapper. In the real world, the network announced this week it had "passed" on an interview with Conway, after she spread misinformation like the "Bowling Green massacre." The segment was an imagined response.

“I just want to be a part of the news, Jake,” McKinnon as Conway told Tapper, who was threatened with both knives and seduction.

It might be time for a raise for McKinnon. Watch the skit below.

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