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Lesbian Proposal on Ellen After Parents' Rejection Is a Tearjerker 

Lesbian Proposal on Ellen After Parents' Rejection Is a Tearjerker 

Kate and Sarah

Kate Austin and her fiancee, Sarah, recommitted to their love on Ellen DeGeneres's show before their "chosen" family and the entire viewing audience. 

During a segment called "Show Me Your Tweets" on her show, Ellen DeGeneres shared a tweet from Kate Austin, a young lesbian who posted a picture of when she proposed to her fiancee, Sarah, atop the Eiffel Tower during a photo shoot. In the caption, Austin invites Chrissy Teigen and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to attend her wedding since her parents have rejected her for being gay.

Naturally, DeGeneres invited Austin and Sarah to the show, where she had a few surprises in store.

The women were invited to the stage, where they had a conversation about coming out and staying strong even when faced with rejection from loved ones.

"I have to thank you because if it wasn't for someone like you, I would have never had the courage to just go out there in the public and be able to propose to my fiancee," Austin told DeGeneres.

"So many people don't accept that, and you've paved the way for queer women everywhere. It's the most inspiring thing," Austin continued.

"Everybody deserves love. That's the most important thing, that's all that matters in this life, is love," DeGeneres replied. "And the fact that some people don't understand that it's just love, the fact that your family doesn't accept it ... I am so sorry."

Austin, who was emotional from sharing her story onstage with DeGeneres, explained that she has many siblings who have been incredibly supportive.

"My mom was really terrible. She's said everything you could think of under the sun," Austin said.

"But coming out and owning it has been the greatest gift. I am so thankful that I came out because it's taught me courage and owning who I am. It allowed me to be my authentic self."

"I am so happy that you had the courage to do it because a lot of people don't have the courage to do it," DeGeneres said. "It teaches you how strong you are and also to be 100 percent who you are born to be."

Then DeGeneres surprised the women by bringing out several of their loving and supportive friends and family members. Then she handed the spotlight to Sarah.

"I know you already proposed to me, but I had to get my piece in there," Sarah said. There's no better way to do it than in front of our chosen family and our biggest role model."

"The way you feel today is the way you make me feel every day, and I can't wait to spend my life feeling that way," Sarah added, getting down on a knee.

"I love you so much," Kate replied, sobbing.

"Will you be my wife?" Sarah asked before the two shared a sweet kiss on national television.

Watch the segment below.

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