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Memories of Women in Provincetown

Memories of Women in Provincetown

PTown Women

Travel responsibly to one of the most dynamic LGBTQ havens for womxn from all walks of life. Please note that all photos featured were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Provincetown, 60 miles out to sea at the tip of Cape Cod, is a glorious haven for women, a place that welcomes self-expression and celebrates individuality. Famed for its beaches, nightlife and signature events, it's a town that is known for its dynamic community of LGBTQ womxn.

They come for events like Single Women's Weekend, Baby Dyke Weekend, Womxn of Color Weekend and Girl Splash. They bookmark Women's Week and Provincetown Pride, and it's hoped that these and other women-centric events will be able to resume this summer.

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Yet there's much more than these incredible events that put Ptown on the LGBTQ map. There's a warm, inclusive, live-and-let-live attitude in this seaside town of picturesque streets and celebratory living. It's a town steeped in women's history, experienced at the recently restored Mary Heaton Vorse House, the legendary novelist, journalist and labor activist.

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Plan lazy days on Herring Cove Beach and Race Point Beach, or rent a bike and explore the pathways through the dramatic dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Take a stroll down Commercial Street, shop in boutiques curated by proud and independent owners, and check out the town's 60-plus galleries. Provincetown is where you can dine on incredible seafood and international fare after a day in the sun, followed by theater and a show. A night out with your sisters can be exhilarating, dramatic, romantic and always interesting.

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Now is the best time of year to plan a summer getaway. There are more than 80 properties to choose from, including beachside guest cottages to inns, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, resorts and hotels. Charming, exciting and accepting, Provincetown is where you can proudly walk hand in hand with the woman in your life and enjoy the freedom of expression that defines this sanctuary on Cape Cod.

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