WATCH: HRC Links Antigay Americans to Russia's Anti-LGBT Climate

WATCH: HRC Links Antigay Americans to Russia's Anti-LGBT Climate

A new video from the Human Rights Campaign takes a look at the antigay Americans "nesting" inside Russia's escalating climate of LGBT oppression. 

Using the iconic imagery of Russian nesting dolls, the new animated short from HRC calls out the recent trips to Russia by National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown, antigay evangelical preacher Scott Lively, and noted right-wing homophobe Paul Cameron. All three conservative activists not only traveled to Russia in the past year but spoke with lawmakers there before the State Duma unanimously passed a nationwide ban on "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships" where it could be seen or heard by minors. 

While all three proudly claim they helped influence Russia's anti-LGBT climate, HRC notes that Lively and Cameron both spread blatant falsehoods about LGBT people, including allegations that two-thirds of gay people approve of pedophilia. 

That false association seems to have struck a chord with Russian lawmakers, though, as top officials including President Vladimir Putin and the deputy prime minister have claimed that the ban on so-called gay propaganda is necessary to protect children from pedophilia. 

Watch HRC's video below. 


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