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WATCH: 'Horrors' of Marriage Equality Hit Home In Irish Parody

WATCH: 'Horrors' of Marriage Equality Hit Home In Irish Parody


An Irish LGBT group has taken the claims of antigay activists who think marriage equality will destroy society to their logical conclusion in a biting parody. 

A farcical short film made by Irish group LGBT Noise features a straight couple barricaded in their home in against a "horrifying" world, where too much equality has forced them to keep their son "safe" in a box.

The video was produced in advance of Sunday's pro-LGBT March for Marriage in Dublin, which likely inspired many to join the ranks of those "normal" people who support marriage equality referenced in the hilarious video, shot in the style of classic Hollywood apocalyptic horror films.

John and Mary, the straight couple at the center of the short film, fittingly titled Armagayddon, recall that it was legions of heterosexual friends of Ireland's "five or six" gays who marched -- and voted -- in support of equality, turning the entire country into a hellish, postapocalyptic wasteland where those "normal" people like Mary and John must barricade themselves behind barred windows and locked doors.

Demonstrating the societial destruction wrought by marriage equality, John and Mary's neighbor, Adam -- who we later find out is married to an unseen man named Steve -- dares to knock on the couple's door. As John clutches a shotgun behind the locked door, Adam humors the homophobes, asking if they're all right, then telling them "I brought you some groceries- sorry, supplies. I'll just leave them here, OK?"

Text at the video's conclusion seems aimed at all those who believe John and Mary's fatalistic expectations of an Ireland that embraces equality for LGBT people: "Marriage equality: It's not the end of the world, lads."

Ireland will vote on a marriage equality referendum next year. Just last week, a new poll by the Sunday Times revealed that 86 percent of Irish citizens support same-sex couples.

Watch Armagayddon below:

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