New Trans Voices: Hear From the Trans Poets Workshop NYC

Members of the Trans Poets Workshop NYC offer pieces from their diverse bodies of work.



Olympia Perez

3 distinctive perceptions placed on my person by strangers

Wait? is that a boy or a girl?
What the fuck is that? son thats a dude
Baby? whats that? o, yeah thats one of them things.
She told me i was beautiful, that i was worth i believed her

Inductees it was silly ol' me now realizing pain is free
Masked by greatness overshadowed by love
no wonder why we walk around like we got it all.

Flaws make us perfect but we reject it see i turned it
credentials don't match what most say but we believe it anyway
because its spoken?,
Unbroken are my thoughts subsided to a place where thoughts can bloom
One day ill have a groom yeah me the boy girl, girl boy
I even love you for caring

Sometimes i stop and think Fuck the World cause they fucked my mother and she fucked me
i hate the fact i care and you cant see
bear to walk a day in my shoes thats where i be
forceful acts of emotions evaporate from growing sour so as long as im sweet
ill feel unique and at times its like damn im so different but indifferent.
the world gives me something to smell and when im about to inhale to keep the reminder oop there it goes
" did you find her ? "
It was cute being kicked with a boot
its like to test who i am and where i want to be
Snakes wondered how i had the power to move and rebuild and believe in me .

From under the tall tree, that beneath was me snatched from the roots that breathe relief,
Constantly fixated on what i did not achieve.
Detached from origins how can i believe ?
We are Kings and Queens if
My mind is the only mystery .

Where am i?

Based out of Brooklyn, Olympia Perez is a mysterious canvas. Her pronouns are her-she like the chocolate bar.