In the Galleries: Tony Greene

An exhibit of Tony Greene's dark luxurious art from the '80s made before his death in 1990 from AIDS is supported by relevant work by L.A. queer artists from that period.

BY Editors

July 29 2014 4:14 PM ET

Tony Greene
Untitled (JOE)
1990, Mixed media (oil on photo mounted on board). 19 ½ s 22 ½ in. (49.53 x 57.15 cm). Collection of Herbert Lotz.

Documentation of "Saints and Martyrs" performance by Ron Athey at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), November 1992.

Video still of Nailed, by Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose. Olio Theatre, Los Angeles, presented by Amok Books, October 1989.