Artist Spotlight: Kent Monkman

Monkman uses painting, sculpture, video, and awesome drag to settle a few scores. His work is hilarious and chilling all at once.



Si Je T’aime Prends Garde à Toi (Study for Icon for a New Empire)
36" x 24" — 2007
acrylic on canvas

Tall Tails
installation — 2007
The Triumph of Mischief
touring exhibition

Tall Tails is an installation with sound (music) that references Monkman’s performance work. Fashion, as a signifier of cultural change, is a recurring theme Monkman explores in various media. The costume on the mannequin is one of three successively larger and more outlandish headresses worn by Monkman (as Miss Chief) during the performance Séance.

Right-click to download "Dance to Miss Chief (Dwayne Minard Cellout Remix).mp3"

Photo: Walter Willems