Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Love in the Middle of the U.S.A.

Mitch Kitter and Shalem Mathew are well on their way to creating a fine art photo book featuring real LGBT couples and families across America. In January we showed you the wonderful portfolio of images they shot of loving couples and families in Alaska. Now the team is back with a fresh batch of love from the Midwest, the Southwest, and the Mountain States.

Here is their new website, where you can read more about where they plan to photograph folks next. And you can see some of the great images below and on the following pages.

Seth And Michael Salt Lake City Utah2x633 0
Seth and Michael up close in Salt Lake City.

Katherine And Tabitha Moscow ID2x633 0
Kathy and Tabitha at home in Moscow, Idado.

Melissa Sarah And Brenner Park Hills Mox633 0
Melissa and Sarah make love not war in Park Hills, Mo.

Katie And Stacy Chicago IL2x633 0
Katie and Stacy close in tight with the kids for a family portrait in Chicago.

Lovelove8 0
Heather, Mindy, and Abbott hanging out in Kansas City, Mo.

Lovelove9 0

Tim and Keith kissing in Austin.

Lovelove10 0
Vanessa and Joanna posing for a photo at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. 

Lovelove11 0
Fabiola and Samantha sharing a moment in Oklahoma City.

Lovelove12 0
Alex and Hollis: The couple posing in Santa Fe, N.M.

Lovelove13 0
Sam and Ally: The recently engaged couple in Polson, Mont.

Lovelove14 0
Adam and Brett playing with the pup in Salt Lake City.


Lovelove15 0
Michael and Seth: The couple in their tea shop in Salt Lake City.