BY Neal Broverman

March 18 2010 1:35 PM ET


You’re not based in New York anymore?
Since December, I’ve
been in Massachusetts — that’s where I film my fitness videos. My gym
is in North Attleboro, Mass., and I live in Salem.

On blogs, gay commenters have made it clear that they like how you look. How does that feel?
have a lot of gay friends and they’re so picky when it comes to what
they want in a man. So, to get good compliments from them is very
flattering. If you can attract a gay man, you can attract any woman.

Why do you think some straight guys are uncomfortable with gay guys appreciating their appearance?
are obviously people who are going to hate everything. But I noticed
with my [straight] friends they’re more open to being exposed to the
gay community — they see how involved I am. So, it’s easier for them
now. I just think [being around gay people] is something new to a lot
of people, especially in small town areas.

So, where will your gay advocacy bring you next?
I want to do — it’s something I hoped to do last year but couldn’t
because of scheduling conflicts — is Braking the Cycle; it’s a bike
ride from Boston to New York [in September] to raise money for AIDS. I
really want to do it — it’s a great cause.