I Can See Clearly Now

This week, as Reese regains her sight on All My Children, actress Tamara Braun speaks frankly about daytime's first same-sex wedding and the subsequent fallout from diehard fans of Rianca.




Did you receive positive feedback from the LGBT community
during your performances and the telling of this story?

Yes, absolutely positive! And sometimes, I was shocked by it
because I know it was not the story they wanted, but they were
so happy to be represented on TV and on a soap. I was recently
at an event for Broadway Cares, and a lesbian couple came up to
me and said, "We were just married last year and we are so
happy. We love the two of you." I said, "Really, were
you happy with the story?" And they said, "We were
just so happy to be represented. We see the love you two have
and we know the struggles that you two are going through. And
we want to see where it ends, but please tell us there is a
happy ending."

I watched the episodes of the Bianca-and-Reese wedding and I
wanted to be moved to tears at the first same-sex ceremony
portrayed on daytime television. But it was hard to celebrate
it when they were cutting away to other stories.

I have received that feedback from others as well. That they
felt robbed of a beautiful first for daytime. It took viewers
out of the moment.

How is working with Thorsten?

He's great and such a wonderful actor. He believed in the
characters of Bianca and Reese and really fought for us.

Did he spend long hours with you dissecting the dicey

He is fantastic. Yes, we spent many hours talking and trying to
make our scenes as real and honest as possible.

Are there moments of which you are most proud?

I am really proud of many scenes that we have done. I am happy
that we were allowed to express the characters' love in a
physical way. I loved the proposal scenes and also the scenes
when Reese told Bianca about coming out to her parents. Eden
and I were so connected with one another during those

I was told Eden and you worked meticulously, talking through
scenes before you would shoot. You obviously took great care
with the work.

Absolutely. That's our job. I also felt such a responsibility
with this role in particular. It was very important for me to
make sure it was told honestly. It was important to both of us.
Eden had been playing the role of Bianca for so long that we
wanted to make this pairing the best it could be and to take
care of it.

Was Reese falling on a plate of glass and then being
temporarily blind difficult to take on?

Yes, it was. It's really hard in this medium because it moves
so fast and we generally only do one take. It was an
interesting challenge.

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