Fish Out of Water

One Life to Live 's Scott Evans talks about playing a gay cop's coming-out story and being the openly gay brother of A-List hunk Chris Evans.



Scott Evans as Oliver Fish ONE LIFE TO LIVE X390 (GRAB) | ADVOCATE.COM

In an Advocate interview with your fantastic brother Chris Evans, he said that you invited him to gay bars, and has hung out with you and friends. Is that true? He does not come to the gay bars. We definitely all hang out and go out with him, but it's more me not wanting him to hang out in gay bars than him. I don't want to have to have him deal with some things and rumors. I mean, someone getting or snapping the wrong picture of Chris Evans at a gay bar is going to end up in places nobody wants to see. People have trouble minding their own business when it comes to that sort of thing.

In the feature Chris said that you are an inch taller and four shades tanner than him. That is so funny. Growing up we were very different. I was a very heavy younger kid and he was stick-thin and pale. We could not be more opposite. He has been my best friend forever. We have been closer now than we have in our whole lives, so it's been great.

Chris stated about you coming out to him, "He was really nervous and he came out to all of us very slowly [in reference to their family]." Is that how it was from your perspective? It was nerve-wracking to tell my brother, and coming out to all of them was. Chris has been my best friend for so long, and he is someone I looked up to. I don't know why I thought it was going to be such a problem. When I did tell him, looking back on it, it was one of the easiest things I had to do. It's almost funny.

Chris told us your mom was a "cool chick." Is Mom cool? She is one of the most liberal moms and we came from one of the most liberal households. I can name two handfuls of people that call her "Mom." Every one of my friends calls her "Mom." She sees people as people, and it's absolutely wonderful!

Your brother Chris is a very sexy guy and probably a fantasy for men and women alike. For you, as his younger brother, is there competitiveness in any department: acting, career, looks? We are very different. He went straight from high school to L.A. to pursue acting. I wanted to do the whole college route. I am about four or five years behind where he is. He has had incredible success, and everyone always asks, "Are you competitive with your brother?" And the answer is, "No, not at all". I am proud of him, and he is 110% behind me. And it's incredible!

It's terrific that you have a big brother who is supportive of you. Many gay people don't have that relationship with their siblings. It's been amazing to not only have a friend in the business, but someone who is my family! It's incredible and we both have the same stories. We both want to escape when we can. So, being home at Christmas is just wonderful. We can talk about it, and then shut up about it until we go back to our respective homes.

Have you told Chris you are playing gay on One Life? Ya know, I don't know if Chris and I have even talked about it. Maybe now I will. I have to tell him!

Is Mom digging the gay story line? She can't wait and she sent out e-mail blasts to everyone!

In the Advocate interview your brother said his publicist -- in reference to taking his shirt off for photo-shoots and what not -- told him, "When you're promoting yourself, being you, there's a way to keep it as classy as possible. Greasing yourself up and stripping down may not be the best way to do it." Do you agree with that? Do you have a problem going shirtless when called upon for your career? Chris did a lot of taking his shirt off in the early parts of his career, and now his publicist has advised him to not do it as much, which is fine. I have already had a couple of times on One Life to Live where I have been shirtless, but nothing too crazy — not like the stuff Chris has done in the past. But it's all for publicity, I suppose. But I am fine and comfortable about taking my shirt off.

Are you single? Yes, very.

Good to know! Any certain type of guy that strikes your fancy, or any qualifications a guy needs to have to get a shot at a date with you? I have no qualifications. I need someone who is funny, and that's all that really matters to me because I consider myself extremely funny. I need someone who can laugh at my dumb jokes.

So we know you are funny, gay, and cool. What else should we know about Scott? I like to think I am cool, but I've got to say I am a little "nerdy" — but I am a dork. I love stupid things. I love my reality TV. I make really dumb jokes that I need people to laugh at, and my roommate laughs at them all the time. So he makes me believe I am funny.

In your free time, do you like to go to clubs, bars, movies? It does not matter where I go as long as I am with good people. I have the best friends in the world, and no matter where we are they make it fun. I am a little bit of a claustrophobic. When I go to a place that is crowded my friends know I want to leave and get out of there as soon as possible.

Since you are a funny man, is doing the drama on daytime harder for you? I think with this story line I can go right there, because I have been there. It's pulling my history from my Rolodex in my head. So, I think it should be fun, but it's nice because I have been the funny character so far. It's nice to get some serious stuff to play.

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