Matt Fielding, the token gay on the original Melrose Place, was something of a pyrrhic victory for LGBT viewers. Finally, TV had a series regular who was out and proud and managed to go seven seasons without killing anyone or turning straight. But he was about as exciting as warm milk -- and half as sexy.

For the revamped Melrose, producers decided they wanted a gay character with a little bite. Enter Caleb Brewer, a scotch-swilling, cigar-chomping man’s man who just happens to dig other dudes. sat down with Victor Webster, a former Playgirl model and star of the cult TV series Mutant X, about visiting the Place the second time around and whether gays in soaps are here to stay. What can you tell us about Caleb?
Victor Webster: He’s a publicist at the firm Ella, one of the housemates, works at. I think he first appears in the second episode. Caleb is Ella’s new boss and he creates a certain amount of havoc in her life. I’m on her all the time, but I want the best from her. Ella is very tough too, a ballsy go-getter. So there’s a certain amount of tension but also some good chemistry.

Is Caleb a series regular?
Well, I was brought on for a few episodes, but the reaction has been really positive, so there’s a good chance the character will be expanded.

Will he be interacting with other characters or moving into the apartment building?

[Laughs] Ah, they’d chomp my balls off if I told you that.

How much are you like Caleb?

I’m a lot like him. I work hard and love playing sports. I think I challenge others and expect a lot from them. I think he’s a little harsher, though.

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