Porsche: Driving Miss Wanda

Love her or lynch her, drag queen Porsche sidekicks The Wanda Sykes Show into shape.




Did you know Wanda was a lesbian long before she came out publicly?
I had always kind of figured. I would even make fun of it in my shows. She and her friends have been coming out to Fire Island for a long time. Everybody knows her, so it’s just like, “Oh, there’s Wanda.”

Are you too big for Fire Island clubs now that you’re on national television?
Oh, hell no. The best part of the show is that I have summers free, so I can still go back home and perform.

You’re best known in Fire Island’s Cherry Grove and the Pines for your live singing and celebrity vocal impersonations. Will you get to show off those talents on The Wanda Sykes Show?
Yes, but it’s hard to get rights to songs until Fox coughs up more money. It’s a pain in the ass. I want to sing everything from rock ’n’ roll to Broadway because Wanda has very eclectic taste in music. But she really loves the Rolling Stones for some reason.

Who would you most like to see participate on Wanda’s discussion panel?
Seth MacFarlane from Family Guy. He’s brilliantly funny and completely irreverent. I think he’s cute too.

He should be an easy get considering you share a network and drink during your show.
And it’s real alcohol too. The stage manager mixes the drinks and the place reeks of booze. It really makes me feel at home. I’m up there drinking straight vodka. Next week they’re getting me a huge martini glass. Maybe it’ll make my hands look smaller.

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