Warren the Ape Comes Out



WARREN THE APE 1 X390 (MTV) | ADVOCATE.COMPerez is in the background blogging the revelation?
There was this great punch line that “Well, we are all amongst friends, as long as this does not leave this room.” Then Warren looks over and Perez is blogging on his laptop. Warren is publicly outed, and the satire is, Warren is doing the opposite of what most people do. He is covering up the fact that he is basically heterosexual. Then this gay producer says to him, “Listen, there are a lot of casting directors that want to help out gay actors in Hollywood, and Ang Lee is very interested in you for this role.” The second he hears he can gain from saying he is gay, Warren changes his tune. Suddenly he goes, “This is the ticket to my comeback.”

And then the tip of the iceberg, all of sudden a no-name like Warren the Ape is named the grand marshal of the West Hollywood gay pride parade, which actually is fitting, because often we scratch our heads at how some of the past grand marshals got picked and why!
These things are all done in good name, but in Hollywood, they are done for a reason, and there is always something behind it. So then, is it really so much of a stretch that this stupid little monkey puppet supposedly comes out on Access Hollywood with Nancy O’Dell, and the next day he is the grand marshal at the gay pride parade? It’s just absurd, but yet it’s not so far off from real life.

But Warren’s world unravels when the Icky Twins expose him for the fraud he is on the gay pride float! How did the Icky Twins get involved?
Honestly, we were looking to get Tila Tequila. We wanted someone who represented the same absurdity and the same “Oh, I kissed a girl, and now I am a media sensation” type. We ended up with the Icky Twins because they had a relationship with MTV. There was a rumor at one point that they were lesbians, but I don’t know if there is any truth to that. We stuck them in these bikinis and put them on this float, and they had to kiss each other on the float. Suddenly, you are led to believe, because Warren gets an immediate erection, it invalidated everything he has done. The public is fickle, and they immediately turn on him, and in that moment he loses everything.

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