Smash, Glee, and Work It: How Did the TV Networks Rank on LGBT Content?

From Smash to Glee and Work It, GLAAD scores how well the TV networks did on being inclusive.




NBC - "Adequate"
1072 Total Hours of Prime-Time Programming
198.5 LGBT-Inclusive Hours (19% or 162 gay, 61 lesbian, 30 bisexual, and two transgender)

Inclusive shows: Celebrity Apprentice, Fashion Star, Whitney, Love Bites, The Office, 30 Rock, Smash, America's Got Talent, Who Do You Think You Are, American Giving, Harry's Law, Prime Suspect, The Playboy Club
Room for Improvement: Several of the dramas, such as Prime Suspect, Harry's Law, and The Playboy Club, have been canceled, cutting down on LGBT-inclusive hours. However, one of the shining spots for the network is the upcoming The New Normal, about a gay couple starting a family with the help of a surrogate. A drama, Chicago Fire, will include a lesbian supporting character. Many of the LGBT portrayals in NBC programming were for supporting or onetime roles, so GLAAD recommends trying to feature more LGBT characters in substantial roles.

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