Remembering Sahara: RuPaul and Drag Racers Share Memories

Draq queen Sahara Davenport came into this world as Antoine Ashley and left it too soon. The Drag Race contestant died earlier this month, and RuPaul plus fellow contestants shared fond memories during the All Stars premiere party.



This has been a pretty gloomy year for me in that department. My dad passed away, and my gay father, who sort of raised me in the gay community, he’s the guy who kind of mentored me. To have a friend like Sahara who left us and shared the same experience that I did …we’re all apart of the same sorority at this point. You mourn for a certain amount of time, but you just realize that life is so real. Life is so fucking real. Things are inevitable. None of us are exempt.  It just makes you want to live your life a little bit brighter and a little bit happier and kind of leave all that nonsense behind you.
— Raja

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