Straight Real World Star Isn't Shy About What 'Just Happened' With Other Men

More than 20 years after The Real World first began airing, a new crop of young castmates may show that our ideas of sex and identity have changed a lot over the years.



What did you like best about Portland?
You can legally walk the streets naked. OK, seriously though, I gotta say going snowboarding. It was a crazy cool trip. Plus we had some cool people from the area to come hang out with us.  Portland is a great city.

Former cast members have accused reality TV producers of manufacturing drama and editing film to make things seem more dramatic than they really are. Do you feel like that happens on Real World?
What you see is what you get with me. I was 100% real. I can’t speak for other cast members, but everything that will be shown on the show are things that I have said or done. It is there for people’s entertainment, so they are not going to show us sitting around the house watching television or reading magazines. I would get bored with watching that too.

Who’s your favorite Real World cast member from earlier seasons? Your own season?
I have actually meet Devon from The Real World: Brooklyn. She gets my pick as my favorite — not to mention she is super hot. From my season, I'd say Nia and Anastasia. Those are my homies for sure.

Did you hook up with anyone on the show?
Hmm. Maybe. Maybe not. It's a possibility.

You also rap under the name Jay Dillinger. Is the world of rap as homophobic as it is rumored to be? How do you deal with that?
At the end of the day it's about the music. Frank Ocean definitely showed that if you’re talented, then you can make it happen. Being a rapper isn't all about the hardcore gangsta stuff all the time. So I feel there is room for any type of artist to make it. You just have to be good. Me, personally, I just ignore the hate. Who somebody goes home with is their business. What difference does it really make in the end? None.

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