Our Favorite Same-Sex Weddings on TV

Now that Cameron and Mitchell are wed on Modern Family, we're taking a look at some of our favorite same-sex TV weddings.



Bianca & Reese, All My Children
Bianca and Reese had quite the TV relationship experience, considering that they provided the first same-sex marriage proposal/legal wedding/on-screen family on an American soap opera. Still, the controversy that surrounded the event didn’t get in the way of a lovely, lengthy wedding that made us wish we actually kept up with soap operas.


Will & Sonny, Days of Our Lives
Over in Salem, Will and Sonny, Days of Our Lives’ first same-sex couple, tied the knot this year. Their relationship has been in the soap spotlight since 2011, when it was announced the show would add its first gay character, Sonny. The two became fittingly engaged on Valentine’s Day of this year and married in April. Here's to even more gay soap stars!


Kevin & Scotty, Brothers and Sisters
TV Guide voted them one of the Best TV Couples of All Time, and we’re certainly not arguing. The boys also managed to get a happy ending on the series finale after working through some marital issues and ended up with a picture-perfect family with two happy children. There's a lot to miss about the hit drama, but nothing more so than Kevin and Scotty.