Go Inside Family Equality Council's Star-Studded Awards Dinner

Performances by Melissa Etheridge, Darren Criss, Adam Lambert and Amber Patrice Riley were incredible, and the red carpet was crowded with stars supporting Family Equality Council on Saturday. Check out the sights and sounds.



Honoree Jennifer Tyrrell got a standing ovation for her role as an activist, born out of being a lesbian mom who was kicked out by the Boy Scouts as a den mother. She was introduced by Zach Wahls, who said "Jennifer is what courage looks like."


Wahls is on the red carpet with Family Equality Council's executive director, Gabriel Blau. In his keynote speech, Blau announced that the group was asked to file amicus briefs in marriage equality cases in Utah and Oklahoma. The infuence of their previous U.S. Supreme Court brief can be seen in the DOMA ruling written by Justice Anthony Kennedy.