Ever Wonder What a Gay Republican Stands For?

The Massachusetts real estate agent and former state legislator is a gay Republican vying to make history.



- Reproductive Rights: Tisei says he would have voted against Sen. Roy Blunt's amendment, which allowed employers to decide whether to include contraception and some other health care services in insurance care. It would have, for example, stifled the federal government from funding Planned Parenthood. He also said he has "no problem" with Planned Parenthood receiving government funds. Tisei's campaign did run into trouble when his manager, Paul Moore, said that rape and abortions for rape victims were "issues that aren't really issues." After calls for an apology, mainly by groups affiliated with Tierney's campaign, Tisei countered by saying, “I’m pro-choice. I have a 25-year record on women’s health that no one can argue with.”

- Taxes: Tisei said he would support ending certain tax credits, like those for yachts and second homes. He also said he would preserve Bush-era tax cuts for America's wealthiest citizens. According to Reason magazine, Tisei has consistently been in favor of lowering tax rates. Tisei has said that he would oppose Rep. Paul Ryan's tax plan, and he has refused to sign a no-tax pledge authored by Grover Northquist of Americans for Tax Reform. He did, however, sign a similar pledge during an unsuccessful run for lieutenant governor in 2010.

- Marijuana: Tisei supports medicinal marijuana, and he says he is open to legalizing marijuana completely.

-Israel and Iran: "Israel stands as a nearly solitary bastion of liberty and freedom in the Middle East. She’s our closest ally and we have a special duty to ensure her continued survival. After traveling to Israel several years ago, I’ve seen firsthand how truly precarious is her mere existence. We have to remain clearly committed to Israel’s defense and survival. In many respects, Israel finds herself besieged by neighbors who wish her ill, such as Iran. Despite repeated attempts by Administrations of both parties to engage Iranian moderates, the leaders of Iran continue to directly threaten Israel’s existence. Iranian attempts to secure a nuclear weapon and develop a ballistic missile system capable of delivering such weapons must be prevented. Furthermore, we must make it completely clear to Iran that any attempt to destroy Israel would, in fact, be suicidal." — Richard Tisei on his campaign website

- Education: "I’m the first member of my family to earn a college degree, and I fully understand the role of grants and loans as well as the need for affordable, but high-quality, educational opportunities to all of our citizens. As a state legislator, I supported school choice, home schooling, and the establishment of charter schools. I was also a strong advocate for merit pay for our best teachers. Giving parents more control and placing less of an emphasis on test results and more of an emphasis on actual learning in the classroom remain my priorities." — Richard Tisei on his campaign website

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