We Now Pronounce You 2 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COM

“The community has been really positive ... they’ve embraced the
contest. GLAAD endorsed not only us, but they complimented Crate &
Barrel on having a contest that’s so open. Obviously, we want to win a
wedding. Obviously, that’s why we entered. But it has grown into
something that is much bigger than us.”

They got their
marriage license last week (“Our picture was in The New York Times,
Howard says with pride) and plan to get married later this
year. But before they settle on a date (Jones says they’re leaning
toward October 10, which is the one-year anniversary of when Howard
proposed), Howard says they want to see how the contest shakes out.

know it’s a long shot for us to win, but it would be an incredible
statement for Crate & Barrel to make.” 

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