Pastor: Bloomberg Brought Hurricane to NYC Because He Supports Marriage Equality



At a rally against marriage equality, fire-breathing pastor Luke Robinson blamed Hurricane Sandy on equality-minded New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and his support for marriage equality.

Robinson's words came Sunday at an anti-Question 6 rally in Maryland — voters will be asked to approve marriage rights in the state on Tuesday — reports the Washington Blade. Robinson, of the Quinn Chapel AME Church in Frederick, Md., pointed his finger at Bloomberg, who recently campaigned for Question 6 and donated $250,000 to the marriage equality cause.

“So here was the mayor of New York giving a quarter of a million dollars, coming down to Maryland discussing the matter,” Robinson said. “While he’s here somebody whispers in the ear, you better go back home and protect your stock because God is sending judgment. The thing came through the area. You have to understand the season and the time. It’s almost the end of hurricane season, but God sent one of the biggest hurricanes ever.” Click here to listen to Robinson's diatribe.

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