Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Pride in Albany? A Capital Idea!

In New York State's capital city, the Pride Week festivities launched June 5 with Albany's extremely popular annual Kick-Off BBQ at the Pride Center. The celebration carried on with daily events throughout the Pride Week, culminating with the Parade and Pride Festival. The Capital Pride Parade stepped off from Washington Park at noon June 14. For more information, click here for Albany Pride.

Photos by Jonathan Luke O'Brien.

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The boys are bead-dazzled.

AP02 0
Tattoos on parade.

AP03 0
Let me guess, Albany?

AP04 0
Beads are the new currency system.

AP05 0
Fine feathered friends.

AP06 0
A fine young pogonophile.

AP07 0
Gay Pride Wizard-wear for daytime.

AP08 0
The Duchess of Schenectady gives us a double wave.

AP09 0
The march of the Albanites.

AP10 0
We'll let you folks caption this one.

AP11 0
White glove brigade.

AP12 0
The rainbow lifts us up.

AP13 0
More decorations, please.

AP14 0
The color guard makes a proud display.

AP15 0
Whee! The party float.

AP16 0
Guessing this is a sports bar float.

AP17 0
Theme outfits dress up the festivities.

AP18 0
Her platform is Pride.

AP19 0
Orange you glad he's wearing those shorts?

AP20 0
We got nothing.

AP21 0
Pagans have pride too.

AP22 0
Ginger pride.

AP23 0
Very small hat, or very big head.

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Yay for the Trans Pride flag.
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