5 Things To Know About Caitlin Cahow

Caitlin Cahow is headed to her third Olympic games, this time as a delegate representing the U.S. during the closing ceremonies. Here are five things you should know about the out Olympian.



3. After playing for the Boston Blades for a few years after college, Cahow is retired, but she sits on the board of the Canadian Women's Hockey League. When the league was trying to recruit players for a video for the You Can Play Project, she said it was "like pulling teeth" to get players involved. "[T]he assumption is that is there is 'a guilty by association' philosophy with female athletes," she told Go! Athletes. "You don’t want to be perceived as being a lesbian, and if you are a lesbian, you don’t want to fit into the stereotype. You don’t want to gratify that stereotype with a response. That’s something unique to women’s sports. The NHL had an abundance of allies waiting in line to stand up and support LGBT athletes in their videos. Male athletes don’t have the same stigma attached to their participation in sports."