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11 Ferocious Dance Moves From Zumanity's Yanis Marshall

11 Ferocious Dance Moves From Zumanity's Yanis Marshall


Are you ready for this jelly? Yanis Marshall, the out choreographer for Cirque du Soleil's Vegas production of Zumanity, breaks it down exclusively for The Advocate.

Yanis Marshall, famous for dancing on YouTube to Beyonce and pulling off her one-of-a-kind moves in heels, is now slaying for Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas show Zumanity.

Marshall provided The Advocate exclusively with 11 new dance moves he developed -- and a healthy dose of realness about what it takes to be as fierce as he is. Start practicing now with these helpful GIFs:

1. The "Sashay Away, Girl"

The Advocate: Will you be able to make Cirque's sexiest show, Zumanity, even sexier?
Marshall: I think I just did.

2. The "Get Low Like a Dump Truck"

Will there be new scenes in Zumanity that appeal to LGBT audiences?
The "Two Men" act is the thing I'm most proud of. It's two hot boys in red stilettos and inside a cage ... very sensual.

3. The "Show 'Em What They're Missing"

Which is more demanding, choreography for Beyonce or revamping a beloved Cirque show?
I haven't worked with Beyonce yet! So I wouldn't know. Cirque was really easy to work with. They gave me total freedom on my artistic choices ... and that's amazing. Cirque knows what they want -- and I'm exactly the same.

4. The "Look at Me or Else"

Is it worth seeing Zumanity again if you've already seen it?
The dancers are new and so charismatic. All the choreography is new and there are some new incredible acts in the show. Definitely go see it again.

5. The "Boom Boom Clap"

How did the men of Zumanity respond when you introduced them to high heels?
They responded very well, and they wouldn't have expected anything less with me choreographing it.

6. The "I'm Serving Life to You, Darling"

What's your go-to move at the club?
I whip my hair and I slay.

7. The "Twirl in Heels Like It's My Job"

What's the first rule for dancing in heels?
Control of your body -- balance. It changes everything, but once I wear my heels, boom, I'm fierce.

8. The "Cross 'Em Over Like It's a Sport"

9. The "Leg Lift So High I Touch the Sky"

10. The "Slay So Hard It Hurts"

11. The "Can You Even Get on My Level?"

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