Ellen Page Meets Ted Cruz and Miss Major in Gaycation Finale

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Ellen Page and her best friend and cohost, Ian Daniel, go on a road trip from Iowa to New York in the series finale of Gaycation, the LGBT travel show on Vice magazine's Viceland.

In the episode, she meets with Miss Major, the trans activist who is known for her role in the Stonewall riots; visits the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where she meets with queer homeless youth; and speaks with Ted Cruz in their famous confrontation that happened at the Iowa State Fair in August.

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Gaycation has taken Page and Daniel to several countries, including Japan, where they saw a young man come out to his mother on camera; Brazil, where they came face-to-face with a man who admits to killing gay people; and Jamaica, where they engaged in an intense discussion with the rapper Beenie Man over the use of homophobic lyrics in dancehall music. 

Page spoke to The Advocate Wednesday and noted some parallels between the countries she visited and the U.S., describing an encounter with an antigay Brazilian politician who reminded her of Cruz, in that they both wanted to roll back rights recently granted to LGBT people. 

"We’re having these antigay, anti-trans bills introduced that will so directly affect people’s lives in a really, really negative way," Page says. "The reality for so many people is that we still have a long way to go to true equality."

The full U.S. episode is available for streaming on Viceland.


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