Elton John to auction off 20 of his automobiles

Elton John will be auctioning off 20 of the classic luxury cars from his collection, according to Reuters. The June 5 auction will be handled by Christie’s, which insists the sale has nothing to do with the singer’s recent loss of a multimillion-dollar court case against his former manager. Rather, the auction house claims, he is frequently away from home and doesn’t have the time to drive them. Elton John states, “I’d rather they went to people who can get pleasure out of them every day.” Among the collection to be sold is a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud nicknamed “Daisy” and an Aston Martin painted in the colors of the Waterford Football Club, the team once owned by Elton John. In addition to being loaded with celebrity cachet, the cars all feature top-of-the-line sound systems. Elton John has been amassing this particular collection over the past 30 years, explaining, “Once you have driven a great car, you never want to go back.”

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