Harvey Milk Institute adds edgier lesbian workshops to course list

The Harvey Milk Institute in San Francisco has added a more provocative lesbian lineup to their workshop series, according to SF Gate. Beginning this month and running through May, the offerings include “BDSM—Tour a Working Dungeon: For Women” and “Structuring a Scene: For Women” in addition to the tamer yet popular offerings “Lesbian Sex” and “Fun With Sex Toys for Women.” These are offered to rival the already extensive list of erotic classes available to men. The institute, a low-budget endeavor known for its “fabulous, highly credentialed instructors,” will also offer more prosaic learning experiences such as “Thai Language” and “Reading Proust.” Executive director Kevin Schaub explains the purpose of the eclectic offerings as follows: “Once you’re out, that’s lovely, but what else is there? People want to know if there is a queer culture, and we’re here to say yes.” For further information, contact the Harvey Milk Institute at (415) 552-7200.

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