Dawson Creek ’s Kerr Smith proud of work as gay character

Kerr Smith, who three years ago took a chance by accepting the role of a gay teenager coming to terms with his sexuality on the popular teen series Dawson’s Creek, says now, “I think we told it right,” according to The Vancouver Sun. Smith, who had already worked on the daytime soap As the World Turns, was initially afraid it would damage his career. “Anyone would be scared,” Kerr claims. “That was the first time a gay character had ever been presented to a teenage demographic like this one.” He is now pleased that he and gay creator of the show Kevin Williamson “shed some light on a subject that was taboo five years ago.” He now understands that he was in at the beginning of a trend and notes, “Today, it’s much more accepted. There are shows that actually center around gay characters—shows like Queer as Folk. I think we started something.”

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