Royal relative seeks money for sex change from Prince Edward

The New York Post reports that the unwittingly entertaining couple Sophie Rhys-Jones and Prince Edward (who, we remind you, is “not gay,” according to his wife) are back in the tabloids again. This time it’s her 71-year-old uncle, Thane Bettany, who’s responsible. While Rhys-Jones reportedly has no trouble with her favorite uncle’s being gay, she considers his recent decision to have a sex-change operation to be “over the top,” according to a friend. Due to Bettany’s age, the national health system will not foot the bill for the operation, so he is apparently making noise about perhaps having Prince Edward pay for it. Edward, meanwhile, has cash troubles of his own, because his film production company, Ardent, is being sued by an actor over a TV series idea the plaintiff claims was stolen from him.

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